Jasmine rice coated with turmeric mixed grains

Jasmine rice coated with butterfly pea mixed grains
October 5, 2022
Accept all types of rice production.
October 6, 2022

Price 149 baht

Jasmine rice coated with turmeric mixed grains

Registration number. FDA approved : 10-1-00357-5-0043


1. Jasmine rice 89 %

2. turmericextrace  2.5 %

3. Sunflower seeds 2%

4. Pumpkin seeds 2%

5. Black sesame seeds 2%

6. Quinoa 2%

7.Virgin coconut oil  0.5 %

8. turmeric oil  0.5 %

Product standard : GHPs,HACCP

Product shelf life: 1 year 6 months from the date of manufacture

Benefits of jasmine rice coated with butterfly pea mixed with grains.
extracted from turmeric herbs treat stomach ulcers
Turmeric is effective in treating inflammation. It can help heal stomach ulcers to heal faster.
Curcumin strengthens the immune system.

Turmeric can help balance and strengthen the immune system. Especially at present, there is a problem of PM 2.5 dust pollution that affects the body. easily allergic Therefore popular to eat turmeric to help strengthen the body against pollution and a mixture of Sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, poppy seeds, quinoa, which are rich in benefits.

How to cook jasmine rice mixed with grains
Ratio of rice 1 : water 1.25 do not need to wash the water

storage method
1. If the bag has not been opened can be stored for 2 years
2. Please store in a dry place. Avoid humidity, room temperature